A beauty routine – like going to the hair salon, spa or manicurist – rewards you with feeling and looking better. You understand you may have to sit for hours to get just the right color or cut, to walk out with perfectly polished tootsies, or to endure a few owies during a mostly relaxing massage. And you’re happy to do it!

Well, getting your teeth cleaned twice a year should be part of your beauty routine. It’s as good for your health as it is for your self-esteem. If you know anyone who is self-conscious about their teeth, you may notice they don’t smile much, if at all.

And because the mouth-body connection has important implications for general health, we may be able to help you identify a health issue early on.

Relax & Enjoy

Who doesn’t like having fresh breath, a sparkling smile and the confidence that your mouth is healthy after a visit with the dentist. One good beauty routine leads to another … a massage. All the patients who visit Hinckley Precision Dental in the month of May are automatically entered in a drawing for a free massage!